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Business Areas

Pharmaceuticals Animal Health Specialty Chemicals

The Division has two main business segments - active ingredients (actives) for agrochemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates based on its core competitiveness from advanced sciences, covering organic chemistry, plant biochemistry and physiology, microbiology, genetic engineering and toxicology. The Specialty Chemical Division is stretching out its strength by achieving extensive skill to produce various advanced specialty chemicals and outstanding research performance records.

Active Ingredients for Agrochemicals

Agricultural chemicals are mainly used to protect crops and plants from damages caused by pests consisting of plant pathogens, insects, nematodes and weeds detrimental to crops. These specialty chemicals are fungicides, instecides and herbicides. Fungicides prevent plant diseases mainly caused by fungi and bacteria associated with soil and plants. Fungicides usually works by deactivating enzymes involved in the bacterial and fungal respiration and reproduction or by inhbiting biosynthesis of cell walls. Insecticides are used to control insects damaging specifically crops without harming humans and environments. This selective effect is based on biochemical targets in the nervous and hormonal system specifically available only in insects but not in human and animals. Herbicides protects crops in the fields by hindering or weakening weed-specific amino acid or lipid biosynthesis or photosynthes removing. These specific points that interact with the active ingredients of agrochemicals are called biochemical action sites. Active ingredients of agrochemicals inhibit the growth of pests specifically inhibiting these biochemical action sites to enhance its pesticidal activity and less toxicity to humans and environments.

LGLS started this specialty chemicals business by establishing an advancedplant to produce pyrethroid agrochemicals in 1986. R&D began to stretch out its roles by establishing most optimized chemical process for large-scale application to the plants. Since 1990, R&D activities have focused on development and commercialization of new proprietary molecules, and thereafter, for the first time in Korea, have successfully launched three new molecule products-PYANCHOR® (herbicide), GUARDIAN® (fungicide) and FLUXO® (herbicide). These breakthroughs in developing new active ingredients and their commercialization have boosted its R&D competitiveness to the world class and resulted in accumulation of expertise and know-hows in the related R&D fields.

Furthermore, our specialty chemicals successfully registered the first Korean-made insecticide (Permethrin) to US EPA and has developed to manufacture various generic active ingredients (AI) such as esfenvalerate, imidacloprid, and pencycuron. Now efforts are under way to expand our business into the advanced and important EU and US markets.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical intermediates are essential for producing principal ingredients of synthetic medicines with complex chemical structures. This business requires exceptionally high level of attention to quality in every step of manufacture, starting from raw material procurement, so as to ensure high class of.

LG Life Sciences started the pharmaceutical intermediate business with aminothiazole derivatives which are used for the 3rd-generation cephalosporin antibiotics in 1997. This business has grown rapidly with commercialization of more than 10 items, including intermediates for quinolone antibiotics, hyperlipidemia drugs, stomach ulcer treatments, and anticoagulants based on antifungal and antibiotic intermediates for cepahalosporin. The Specialty Chemicals Division has developed new intermediates with distinctive reaction patterns.

Our business of pharmaceutical intermediates is expanding into intermediates for radiopaque contrast media, health supplements and bulk pharmaceuticals.

Aminothiazole Derivatives

This product is used to produce the 3rd-generation cephalosporin antibiotics.
The new chemical entity and its manufacturing process have been granted for patents in Korea and many other contries. This technology can be used to synthesize the 3rd-generation cephalosporin antibiotics such as ceftiaxone and sefotaxime. The manufacturing process has been simplified for convenient manufacture and production costs lowered by reducing time required for chemical reaction.

Quinolone Antibiotics Intermediate

LG Life Sciences discovered this intermediate as a new chemical in synthesizing the quinolone antibiotic FACTIVE® (gemifloxacin) which has been approved by FDA for the first time in Korea.

Penicillin Antibiotics Intermediate

This intermediate is used to synthesize the penicillin antibiotic piperacillin.