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Pharmaceuticals Animal Health Specialty Chemicals

LG Life Sciences' involvement in pharmaceuticals goes back to 1981, with the start of Korea's first genetic engineering research program. Since then, the company has continued to invest in the development and production of new chemical entities and bio-pharmaceuticals. LG opened a center dedicated to genetic research in 1983 and acquired Anjin Pharmaceutical in 1989. Construction of a pharmaceutical plant was completed at Iksan, Korea in 1995.

In 1989, the company completed development of Korea's first genetically-engineered interferon-gamma. This was followed by the in-house development and commercialization of interferon-alpha, hepatitis B vaccines, human growth hormones, leukocyte stimulants, and malaria diagnostics. In 2003, FACTIVE® the company's next-generation quinolone antibiotic, became the first new drug developed in Korea to be approved by the US FDA.

LG Life Sciences leads the Korean pharmaceutical industry, developing, producing and marketing a diverse array of ethical treatments. The company focuses on selected areas to effectively develop new drugs while minimizing investment and risk. These include the early development stages for anti-infectives, and lifestyle drugs such as anticoagulants, diabetes treatments and obesity treatments. The later stages are performed jointly with leading overseas pharmaceutical makers.

Domestic sales are being boosted by the strong performance of major product lines such as ZANIDIP™ (hypertension treatment) and EUTROPIN™ (human growth hormone) as well as by new drugs such as (HYRUAN Plus™) (degenerative arthritis treatment). LG Life Sciences is also bolstering its portfolio and domestic sales growth potential by securing the domestic license for overseas products.

Meanwhile, LG Life Sciences is exporting EUVAX B™ to more than 60 countries through UN-sponsored programs, and this hepatitis B vaccine has represented the major portion of overseas sales. However, FACTIVE®is now selling briskly in the US and is expected to make up a steadily increasing percentage of total sales revenue outside Korea.

LG Life Sciences is concentrating on the following tasks to develop into major global player with world-class new drugs by 2010:

  • Commercialize FACTIVE® and sustained release human growth hormone in more overseas markets
  • Introduce bio-generic drugs such as interferon-alpha and human growth hormone in advanced markets
  • Enhance global marketing capabilities
  • Secure an unrivalled position in the Korean market