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    • Contents : ALPHA-CYPERMETHRIN is a non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. It consists of active isomer of pyrethroid insecticide Cypermethrin and is highly effective against wide range of chewing and sucking insects in various crops. It is also active against mosquitoes, flies and other insect pests in public health and animal houses.

    • Contents : BUPROFEZIN is a thiadiazine insect growth regulator acting as moulting inhibitor for the persistent larvicidal action against some Coleoptera, Hemiptera and Acarina. Because the chemical itself is very specific to the certain insects, it is very safe to the natural enemies and the other beneficial insects.

    • Contents : PERMETHRIN is a pyrethroid insecticide which is highly effective by contact and stomach action against a wide range of insect pests particularly Lepidoptera in cereals, cotton, citrus, fruit trees, rape, soybean, tobacco, tomatoes, vegetables, vines, forestry and other crops by contact and stomach action.

    • Contents : DELTAMETHRIN is a pyrethroid insecticide, highly effective by contact and stomach action against a wide spectrum of insect pests in cereals, citrus, cotton, grapes, maize, fruits and other crops. It is also effective against indoor crawling and flying insect and pests of stored grain and timber.

    • Contents : DIFLUBENZURON is a benzoylurea insecticide which is effective against a wide range of leaf-eating insects in forestry, woody ornamentals anf fruit. Controls certain major pests in cotton, soyabeans, citrus, tea, vegetables and mushrooms. Also controls larvae of flies, mosquitoes, grasshoppers and migratory locusts. Used as an ectoparasiticide on sheep for control of lice, fleas and blowfly larvae.

    • Contents : ETOFENPROX is a non-ester pyrethroid insecticide which is highly effective by contact and stomach action against a wide range of insect pests particularly, rice water weevils, skippers, leaf beetles, leaf hoppers and bugs on paddy rice. It acts on the nervous system of insects, and disturbs the function of neurons by interaction with the sodium channel.

    • Contents : FENPROPATHRIN is a pyrethroid acaricide and insecticide with repellent, and contact and stomach action. It is highly effective against many species of mites, crawling and flying insect on cotton, pome fruit, citrus fruit, vegetables and other crops.

    • Contents : FENVALERATE is a highly active contact insecticide effective against a broad range of pests, including strains resistant to organochlorine, organophosphorous and carbamate insecticides

    • Contents : ESFENVALERATE is a pyrethroid insecticide Used as an potent contact and ingested insecticide with a very broad range of activity, especially effective against Coleoptera, Dipteria, Hemiptera, Lepidoptera and Orthoptera on cotton, fruit, vegetables and other crops.It is effective against strains resistant to organochlorine, organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides.

    • Contents : Imidacloprid is a systemic chloronicotinyl insecticide with excellent permeation and migration. It works as a contact toxin and a digestion poison. It penetrates the central nervous system and permanently suppresses responses in the acethylcolin sensory organs in postsynapse. It can also control aphids and rice insects Leafhoppers) and other pests on top of as well as in the soil.

    • Contents : This substance controls various moth species and aphids. It is a mixture of halothrin, which is a synthetic phyrethroid, and ׷, an organic phosphorus, and kills a wide range of insects through either digestion or contact. It is effective against Lepidoptera and ticks that infest crops.