leads the Korean pharmaceutical industry, developing, producing and marketing a diverse array of ethical treatments.

  • Fertility Treatment
    Fertility Treatment

    Right choice for managing infertility.

  • Hormones

    Somatropin for GHD 
therapy & Erythropoietin for Anemia.

  • Viscosupplements

    For Treatment of degenerative joint 

  • Other HA products
    Other HA products

    For anti-adhesion barrier & 
for ophthalmic surgery.

  • Facial Aesthetics
    Facial Aesthetics

    Dermal Filler Series.

  • Chemicals

    DPPIV inhibitors & FDA approved 
Respiratory fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

  • Veterinary Medicine
    Veterinary Medicine

    Recombinant bovine growth hormone
for milk production stimulant.